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Victor Gelling (*1998 in Berlin) is an improviser and composer who uses stringed instruments including but not limited to upright bass, tenor banjo, Lapsteel- and Nonlapsteel-Guitars in addition to pedals, synthesizers and barely working self-coded computer programs to create sounds. Their work spans genres from jazz to noise to electric cowboy songs to complex music, which culminates in their large ensemble works with „Trash & Post-Chaotic Music“, their indie-rock „Slowklahoma“, their electronica alias "Hektor Cjelli", solo works or their playing in the Jorik Bergman Trio.

They have already played concerts with Jiggs Whigham, Robert Ames, M.A. Tiesenga, John Betsch, Frank Gratkowski, Alex Somers and many others. Concert tours have taken them to Cuba, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, the USA, the Netherlands and Saarland. Festival appearances include the Acht-Brücken-Festival Cologne, the Warsaw Autumn Festival, the Centre Court Festival Cologne, Cologne Jazzweek and the Festival de La Habana de Música Contemporánea (Cuba). Texts written by Victor have been published in the German magazine Jazzpodium. They are part of the board of the Cologne Jazz Conference e.V. since 2022.


Upcoming Shows

9. November - Jorik Bergman Trio - King Georg Cologne
12. November - T.P.C.M. - Berlin - Industriesalon Schöneweide (Jazzkeller 69 e.V.)
03. Dezember - Segolene De Beaufond (Commissioned work for electric violin + fx) - LOFT - Cologne


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